Delnor Restoration offers complete property rebuilds, returning your property to its original state, and offering construction management for any improvements to your space.

Damage to a property severe enough to warrant a rebuild means it needs to be done right. We don’t cut corners – as part of the Delnor Group of Companies, we have access to the services of Delnor Construction and a team of building experts.

Many large losses can often include a variety of insurers and stakeholders. Our competent Edmonton-based staff is equipped to understand the complexity of such losses and ensure that all documentation is kept in line, costs are adequately tracked, and processes are adhered to. 

If a bid is required on any size of a project, Delnor Restoration is happy to help. Working with our team at the reputable and highly qualified Delnor Construction, we ensure the property is restored to your complete satisfaction.

Our estimating and project management team offers competitive bids on insurance losses, estimating, management renovations, new builds and improvements.

Whatever the project, Delnor Restoration, in partnership with Delnor Construction, will renovate, remodel, or rebuild to the highest standard.

Remember, it is your right as an insured to proceed with the contractor of your choosing on an insurance claim. While many outfits have preferred contractors and vendors, it is not required unless otherwise indicated in your policy or agreements.