Fire & Smoke

Repairing fire damage to your commercial or residential property must be done quickly and with expert care. Not only does fire create damage you can see, but the heat and smoke can cause lingering issues for years to come if the area is not completely restored.

Delnor Restoration Services approaches every instance of fire and smoke damage with the intention of fully restoring to a pre-loss state. We also advise and consult on potential fire risks in your property, to reduce risk of future fire damage.

Edmonton properties are damaged by the following types of fires each year:

  • Electrical fires
  • Arson
  • Protein fires & grease fires
  • Explosions
  • And more

We deal with fire and smoke damage in all types of properties, including businesses, multi-family dwellings, restaurants, warehouses, and more. When your business depends on getting your property restored quickly, you can depend on Delnor Restoration Services to act quickly and make things right.

Smoke Damage: The Secondary Effect of Fire Damage

Without proper cleaning and removal, smoke odour can be invasive and linger, making its way into the smallest areas. Varying temperatures can also play a factor when you notice smoke odour – it could happen weeks or months after an incident. Therefore, it is crucial to bring in professionals to restore and repair the affected areas thoroughly. 

Many factors go into the removal of smoke or fire damaged building materials. If not completed by trained experts, it can cause more issues to the structure and contents, including further structural and even health issues.

Call Delnor Restoration for thorough removal and restoration of smoke and fire damage.