At Delnor, safety isn’t a set of checkboxes on a list – it’s a state of mind. 

We choose to make safety a part of everything we do at Delnor Restoration. We know that our staff, crews, and the communities we are working in deserve our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment.

Delnor’s mission is to create a strong and safe culture where all workers return home safely at the end of each day. Safety and training are key aspects of Delnor’s business, using their ‘Work. Safe. Home.’ motto as a guide. Given the number of diverse projects we see annually, we are committed to a multi-faceted workforce's health and welfare. This is why Delnor has a goal of zero incidents, and we are committed to making this outcome a reality.

Delnor Restoration’s number one priority is that all employees and clients get home safe.

In alignment with our extensive Health & Safety policy, our staff receives mandatory safety training and understands the importance Delnor places on safety. We support our staff to obtain industry-standard certifications and on-site specific training to promote the education of up-to-date best practices.